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My first thought when seeing this was _ostrich!_
Present Laughter
Facebook - Untitled
Brother Brightbee, this blindfold is as unbecoming as your beard!
Bell kick jump
Cecily Pigeon in The Odd Couple
Facebook - Untitled
Facebook - Untitled
present laughter rhino couch shot with John
_Happily_ married and hospitable Ukrainian couple with cockney accents
Post-Mr Peanut costume wearing stretches
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full bell kick pic
Amanda's headshot 4
Physics student-In Love and Warcraft
Cecile is a hardcore smiler
Gower in Pericles
Ilse in Spring Awakening
Cinderella in Into the Woods
Tear tear sniff sniff
Joanna Lypiatt in Noel Coward's Pres
ensemble in Mary Poppins
Ilse in Spring Awakening
Mary Poppins understudy performance
ensemble in Mary Poppins
Miranda in The Tempest
ensemble in Crazy For You
Judy Haynes in White Christmas
comedic shot_
Facebook - Joanna Lypiatt in Noel Coward's Present Laughter

How I Learned to Drive-

CustomMade Theatre Co.

"Amanda Farbstein delivers a commanding performance as Li’l Bit."

"Both Amanda Farbstein and Eric Reid give wonderfully under-played performances as Li’l Bit and Uncle Peck, each full of subtle nuance and each all too believable. ..Equally impressive is Ms. Farbstein as we cannot help but understand and empathize how what she allows to happen time and again here on the stage could in fact have happened in someone’s real life –"

Singing in the Rain-

Broadway by the Bay

"A solid, singing performance is given by Amanda Farbstein as Kathy Selden, whose voice suffices nicely in numbers like "Lucky Star." She, too, particularly shines when she puts on the dancing shoes. She is a great partner, both when gliding around with Don or when part of the perky trio for "Good Morning" with Don and Cosmo"

Interview with Robert
Hurwitt- SF Chronicle

"At times, the [audition] process seems like a protracted lesson in how many ways to mess up a song"...a few...lit up what had been a fairly desultory, if earnest, proceeding at first...Amanda Farbstein was another, nailing her number from 'Thoroughly Modern Millie.'"

Oklahoma- Woodminster Summer Musicals

Vinegar Tom-

Shotgun Players 

"Amanda Farbstein, as Alice’s friend Susan, does much of the hard work of making “Vinegar Tom” dangerous, keeping her character constantly attuned to fear. She breathes in peril and tension, lets it curdle in her system and breathes it back out, a full-bodied, earnest receptivity to her surroundings. Farbstein, too, sings with a phalanx’s strength, as if she’s leading a battle charge."

Rapture, Blister, Burn-
CustomMade Theatre Co.

"Amanda Farbstein rocks as Avery, the post-feminist babysitter for Don and Gwen."

"On the flip side, Amanda Farbstein, whose utterly fearless performance as Don and Gwen’s outspoken babysitter, is a bright shining light amid a polished ensemble."

White Christmas-
Hillbarn Theatre

"Amanda Farbstein brings a spunky energy to good-time sister Judy, dances well opposite Ambler (to Gennine Harrington’s engaging choreography) and has some funny moments running interference with some predatory chorus girls."

In Love and Warcraft- 
CustomMade Theatre Co.

"In addition to the four leads, Amanda Farbstein and Sal Mattos offer excellent comedic support in a variety of supporting roles. Amanda Farbstein as a sympathetic gynecologist performs a memorable onstage pelvic examination that is explosively funny."

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